Summer Fun Tour - 2014

Jyrobike can teach kids to ride a bike in one is the world's first auto balance bicycle....once the Control Hub is turned on and the wheels are spinning it will literally balance itself so the kiddos won't topple over...and parents won't experience aching backs by having to balance the bike for their child.

Jyrobike works on the same principle as how a gyroscope stabilizes a helicopter in the air. Three stabilization settings on the Control Hub can be adjusted accordingly as the child builds their skills and confidence.

By pre-ordering Jyrobike on Kickstarter, you can receive bonus items like a remote control for pledging early or other neat items.

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Age: 3-8 Years
Suggested Retail Price: 12" - $39.99 and 16" - $299

Availability: Early 2015 from

Company: Jyrobike

LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy, The Milano Spaceship Rescue

To celebrate the highly anticipated summer blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy, The LEGO Group has created a line of sets based on the film. Here we have The Milano Spaceship Rescue.

The Guardians of the Galaxy sets are brand new this month, just in time for children and movie lovers to get a sneak peek at some of the film's scenes, ships and characters, all in brick form before the film hits screens this August.

Unique to this set, the Star-Lord minifigure, played by Chris Pratt, has interchangeable head pieces. One shows him in his exclusive Ravagers suit, including the helmet, and the other shows his civilian face and features.

Set features: 665 pieces, five minifugures, two ships - Star-Lord's Hadron Enforcer and evil Ronan's Necrocraft - for an epic space battle of good vs. evil, opening and removable cockpit, detailed interior, adjustable wings, flick missiles and stud shooters for action packed role play.

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Age: 8+ years
Suggested Retail Price: $79.99

Availability: Available now on

Company: LEGO

The Digital Entertainment Group - DEG

Digital movies are easy, instant and convenient way to buy, collect and watch a movie or TV show anywhere from a connected TV, computer or favorite mobile device.

And now you can get many new digital releases even before they are available on Blu-ray and DVD.

With thousands of new and classic movies to choose from it's a great way to enjoy a rainy day.

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Age: all ages
Suggested Retail Price: starting at $14

Availability: Available now to buy at iTunes, Amazon, VUDU and more.

Company: The Digital Entertainment Group - DEG

Hercules RC Helicopter

World's First and only Unbreakable RC Helicopter. Polymer body can take up to 200lbs of force.

Built-in gyroscope.

Glows in the dark.

Equipped with LED lighting.

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Age: 14+ years
Suggested Retail Price: $89, on sale right now at HobbyTron for $44.95

Availability: HobbyTron.

Company: World Tech Toys