Hottest Toy Trends 2022 with Elizabeth Werner - February 18, 2022
FirstTech Pals Smartwatch

Introduce children to their first digital pet with VTech's FirstTech Pals Smartwatch!

Kids can name their digital doggy; feed, walk and groom them using the touch screen; train them to do virtual tricks and more, then see them respond with lights, sounds and animations.

Packed with content, this smart interactive watch also has a mindfulness breathing app, a school mode to keep kids from getting distracted at school and a routine reminder to keep kids on track with potty learning.

Other features include mini games, the ability to connect watch-to-watch with a friend, digital and analog clock faces, a Time Master app to introduce kids to time-telling and an adorable "woof-woof" to announce the hour.

Introduce your child to their first digital pet, the FirstTech Pals™ Smartwatch! Kids can name their digital doggy, then feed, walk and groom them using the touch screen. Train the pupper to do 20 virtual tricks, and they will respond with lights, sounds and animations. Kids can let their doggo friend know if they’re feeling happy, sad, mad or scared and they’ll respond with encouraging phrases. Four mini games let kids play with the dog, and three activities let them connect watch-to-watch with a friend who also has a FirstTech Pals Smartwatch (sold separately). Press the clock button to see and hear the time. Choose between 20 digital and analog clock faces. A friendly woof-woof will announce the hour. The watch also introduces kids to time-telling through the Time Master app and by speaking the time. Other tools include an alarm clock and timer. There’s also a mindfulness breathing app and a school mode to keep kids from getting distracted at school. Parents will love this smart interactive watch because of the routine reminders feature to help keep kids on track with potty learning and other repeating reminders. Rechargeable battery and Micro-USB cable included.

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Age: 3-5 years
Suggested Retail Price: $44.99

Availability: Fall 2022

Company: VTech

Technic™ McLaren Formula 1™ Race Car

This is the LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car. LEGO designers worked closely with the team of experts at McLaren Racing to develop the collaborative version of the car at the same time for the 2022 race season.

The set includes features like the V6 cylinder engine with moving pistons, steering, suspension and differential for precision cornering.

This race car replica offers adult LEGO builders the opportunity to become immersed in their passion, letting them enjoy a mindful build with a display piece to relish.

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Age: 18+ years
Suggested Retail Price: $179.99

Availability: The set will be available for purchase on March 1st, 2022 at, LEGO Retail stores and other major retailers

Company: LEGO


Whiffies are deliciously scented collectible animal toys with plush tails that smell like your favorite ice cream flavors.

Each colorful Whiffies is 4 inches tall from toes to tail and feature a playful pose, a fluffy scented tail, and unique details to match their delightful scents.

Mix and match to create your own cool scent combinations by twisting their tails together.

20 to collect.

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Age: 5+ years
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 (2pk)

Availability: Target, Walmart, Amazon

Company: Spin Master

Little Tikes Crazy Fast

Little Tikes® Crazy Fast™ are feature and performance vehicles that kids ages 3-6, parents and gift givers love.

Crazy Fast™ performance vehicles are super charged pull back vehicles that race forward with epic speed & distance. Pull back on the car and it races forward up to 50 feet with epic speed and distance.

With 3 action packed games to play, the Crazy Fast™ 3-in-1 Rollin’ Bowlin’ Racin’ Playset offers action packed rolling, bowling and racing fun and is super easy to store. It includes 2 pullback vehicles that are super charged for epic speed and distance, and race up to 50 ft. Just pull ‘em back and let ‘em fly!

The best part is, the cardboard packaging becomes the playset, eliminating packaging waste and using every inch for more sustainable play.

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Age: 3+ years
Suggested Retail Price: Crazy Fast 3-in-1 Rollin', Bowlin', Racin' Playset - $24.99

Availability: Currently available at Target

Company: MGA

Scribble Scrubbie Pets Arctic Snow Explorer

Head to the artic with the new Scribble Scrubbie Arctic Pets Snow Explorer, where your color-changing pets can tread around in style and go for a ride in a real-working explorer vehicle.

Create and color the three new pets any way you want to with the 6 washable markers included and then clean and start over again. Use cold water to watch your pets turn blue or warm water to watch them turn to white.

The set also includes 2 snowboards, 2 tubs and one brush. For ages 3+, available this holiday for $24.99.

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Age: 3+ years
Suggested Retail Price: $24.99

Availability: Available this holiday

Company: Crayola

This SMT is sponsored by VTech, LEGO, Spin Master, MGA and Crayola.