Summer Fun! - Part 2 - 2016 - June 20th 2016

It's the best way to play games on-the-go. It's a must-have for your kids' summer travel and relaxation plans.

The system is home to tons of age-appropriate, high-quality, exclusive games and adventures with characters like Mario, Pikachu, Peach, Donkey Kong and others you can't find anyplace else.

Great value with many games for less than $20.

You can watch your favorite videos and shows on YouTube, Hulu Plus or Netflix right on your system.

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Age: 7+ years for 3D Mode...younger kids can play in 2D Mode
Suggested Retail Price: $199.99

Availability: Available now at all major retailers

Company: Nintendo

The Game of 49

Breaking Games, an award-winning boardgame manufacturer and publisher, expects The Game of 49 to be another classic family boardgame.

Start with $49 cash and a simple goal: Place 4 of your chips in a row on the board. Outbid opponents to buy spaces as they are auctioned off one by one. Do you hoard your cash and hope your winning number turns up next? Or spend big to keep an opponent's chip off the board?

Do you have a choice? No one knows when the next Payoff card will surface to replenish everyone’s bankroll. And you’ll need every dollar to bid, bluff, and buy your way to 4 in a row. Admit it: This game has your number. It's 49!.

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Age: 10+ years
Suggested Retail Price: $20.00

Availability: Just launched in Targets all over the nation

Company: Breaking Games

Game of Phones

This is a game that you play on your phone with other people.

One player picks a card and judges that round. They read the question to everyone else in the group. Questions can range from "find the best selfie" or "show the last photo you took." The judge gets to choose the round for that winner; the first person to win 10 rounds wins the game.

Game of Phones is a totally new kind of card game. Race to find the best or weirdest things on your smartphone to win. Game of Phones is a battle of smartphones skills. Tap faster, out culture, and think cooler than the people around you to win the game...

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Age: 14+ Years
Suggested Retail Price: $20

Availability: Currently, at, Later this summer, available in Target stores nationwide.

Company: Breaking Games

Letter Tycoon

Letter Tycoon is a Mensa selected game where you can build words, buy letters and score big.

Use your hand of 7 cards plus any of the 3 community cards to make a word worth valuable money and stocks.

Create the most valuable alphabet empire and YOU can become the Letter Tycoon!

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Age: 8+ years
Suggested Retail Price: $35

Availability: Currently, at

Company: Breaking Games

Micro Boats

ZURU's Micro Boats are water-activated, motorized speed boats that zip at 200+ MPH scale speed, race in four directions, and spin out in a 360 degree doughnut.

The huge Micro Boats Shark Attack Challenge playset features six feet of boat track, a real working crane, and a wave-making attack Shark for the ultimate race experience!

One exclusive Micro Boat is included in the Shark Attack playset - five others are sold separately. Collect all six!

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Age: 3+ Years
Suggested Retail Price: Micro Boats Shark Attack Playset - $24.99; Individual Micro Boats - $9.99

Availability: Available now at Toys R’Us, Target, Walmart and Kmart

Company: Zuru

Air Defender X Camera Drone with Wi-Fi

The Vivitar Air Defender X Camera Drone with Wi-Fi takes photography and video to the next level capturing live action photos with its 16.1 megapixel camera and HD quality video recordings.

The drone features an easy-to-use radio transmitter with multi-directional controls and the ability to hover, flip and fly upside down, or even fly at night with LED lights wrapping the drone for glow-in-the-dark fun.

Plus, on-board Wi-Fi allows users to control the drone via a smartphone app, providing a real-time, bird’s-eye view of the flight.

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Age: 12+ Years
Suggested Retail Price: $99.99

Availability: Available now at Walmart nationwide

Company: Vivitar

MT20 Mountain Bike

Available exclusively at Wal-Mart, the MT20 hardtail mountain bike from BCA gives kids all the advanced features of an adult mountain bike at a size that’s right for them. Tuned travel front shock absorbs the bumps and the sturdy steel frame keeps the bike tracking straight throughout a child’s biking adventure.

The bike has a Kazuno 6-speed drivetrain shifter, front and rear linear V brakes to keep speed in check, and durable knobby tires that provide great traction.

Parents will love the easily adjustable padded seat because it can be raised or lowered without tools thanks to a quick release lever. This is the perfect mountain bike to grow with your child!

The MT20 is also assembled entirely in the U.S. This is the first time in 20 years that a major bike manufacturer is assembling bikes here in the U.S.

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Age: 8+ Years
Suggested Retail Price: $79.97

Availability: Available now exclusively at Wal-Mart

Company: Bicycle Corporation of America (BCA)

This SMT is sponsored by Nintendo, Breaking Games, Zuru, Vivitar and Bicycle Corporation of America.